9 Common Types of Trucking Accidents


Common Types of Trucking Accidents

When it comes to trucking accidents, no one accident is like the other. Every accident has its own unique set of circumstances.

However, certain common themes can be found amongst the types of accidents reported. The following are common types of trucking accidents that occur on a regular basis.

1. Rear-End Collision

One of the common types of car accidents involves a rear-end collision. These accidents are often referred to as “fender benders,”.

However, just because someone was hit by a truck from behind does not mean the damages are not significant. It depends on how fast the truck is traveling and how heavy the load is that the truck is carrying as to how serious the damages will be.

Many accidents result in a truck rear-ending a car that is sitting at a stop light, in situations where the truck is not able to stop quickly enough and is traveling at a fast speed. These accidents can not only lead to serious property damage but can result in significant physical injuries to the occupants of the car, as well.

2. Head-On Collision

One of the more serious types of truck accidents involve head-on collisions where the car and the truck strike each other head-on.

Because of the mass and momentum of a heavy truck as compared to the smaller size of a car, the damages can be quite significant. These types of accidents are almost always deadly, especially when the truck is traveling at a high speed.

3. Jackknife

Truck accidents can also result due to what is known as a jackknife of a truck. These accidents occur when the truck’s trailer folds into an acute angle with the semi-truck’s cab. As a result, the cab of the truck then turns towards the trailer and can lead to the truck falling over.

Many times, these accidents are a result of quick braking. These accidents are common on heavily-traveled interstates.

4. Truck Rollover

Another common type of truck accident involves a truck rollover. These occur when the truck’s tires are not able to “grip” the road, causing the truck to lose control and slide sideways, resulting in the truck “rolling over.”

The speed of the truck, the loading and center of gravity are a number of factors that can lead to a rollover. If the load happens to suddenly shift in the trailer, even if the truck is driving at a lower speed, this can also result in the truck rolling over.

5. Blowout of Tire

Most drivers have seen a truck blow a tire at least once on the interstate. It happens frequently but being able to maintain control over the truck after a tire blowout can be very difficult.

If the truck driver does lose control over the truck due to a tire blowout, this can quickly result in a chain reaction and an accident with devastating consequences.

6. Under-Ride

It has been shown in the movies, but under-riding under a truck or trailer is never a wise decision. Under-riding occurs when a smaller vehicle goes under a truck or trailer from the side or rear.

Most trucks have underride guards to protect in these situations, but when they do not have them, a deadly accident can occur. These situations are extremely dangerous for all involved.

7. T-Bone or Side Impact Accident

Another type of accident occurs when the tractor-trailer strikes a smaller car in the side. Depending on the speed at the time of impact, the results will almost always involve a fatality to the driver or passenger of the smaller vehicle.

8. Losing a Load

It happens rarely, but sometimes the truck driver loses the load that he or she is carrying. The driver is supposed to check the trailer’s attachment to the cab during various points of a trip. However, instances have occurred when the driver has failed to secure the load properly, resulting in a disastrous event.

9. Blind Spot Accidents

In larger trucks, blind spots can be a major problem. Most trucks have signs on the back that warn drivers of the truck driver’s inability to see in certain parts of the truck. However, truck drivers are still charged with checking their mirrors regularly to be aware of any vehicles approaching from behind.

Many of the newer trucks have technology that warn the truck drivers of any vehicles in blind spots. However, these areas are still problems when it comes to collisions that occur due to the truck driver simply not being able to see the vehicle behind him or her.

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