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Nick Rowley

Winning more than $2 Billion in verdicts and settlements for injury victims and families across the country, Nick Rowley has become a nationally renown Trial Lawyer. His success didn’t come easily, but the many challenges he faced forged him into the fighter he is today. Most importantly Nick Rowley is a husband and father. 

Born in Iowa, Nick spent his early years living on a farm and grew up spending the summers working on his grandparents farm. He spent five years of his childhood living in a border town in Arizona, the town of Nogales, where he was bullied and beat up regularly. His Mother later moved back to Iowa and his father stayed in Nogales. 

Nick started working and buying his own clothes and food as early as the 5th grade and fully moved out on his own at the age of 15. Nick was emancipated at age 16. He worked as a paperboy, washed cars, mowed lawns, did field and farm work in Iowa and worked construction and also as a small engine mechanic before joining the military at age 17. Nick served as a medic in both the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army. In the Army he was the medic in an Air Defense Artillery Unit. Nick took advantage of the military’s education benefits. Tuition assistance and the G.I. Bill afforded him the opportunity to attend college and law school. By age 19, while still in the military, Nick completed his bachelor’s degree and three associates degrees and started working on a Master’s Degree. Nick was trained and certified as a firefighter and worked as a volunteer firefighter for a fire department near his military base. Nick switched from the Air Force to the Army at age 20 and continued his service while he attended law school.

Today, Nick has been recognized by dozens of publications for his record-setting verdicts and passionate work for injury victims and families. Some of Nick’s successes include a record setting $131 million verdict for the victim of a car accident after the driver was over served at a bar, a record setting $74.5 million dollar verdict for a victim of medical malpractice during the birthing process, $40 million for two parents whose 33 year old son was negligently killed due to corporate negligence, a $42 million dollar verdict for a young girl who was brain injured by a motorcycle collision, a $38.6 million verdict for a young man who fell from a hotel balcony while intoxicated, a $17 million dollar victory for a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by a fall from a hotel balcony that had a defective railing, $21.6 million for a young woman injured when hit by a dentist who failed to stop at a stop sign, $29.5 million in a wrongful death medical malpractice case of a wife and mother who was in her thirties, $10 million in a medical malpractice, wrongful death case for an adult son and wife of a 70 year old man who had cancer, $12.5 million for a husband and wife in a medical negligence case where an unnecessary prostatectomy was performed, $31.6 million for a young girl who was brain injured in a collision, $10 million for a man who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in a collision, $10.5 million for a teenage who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury when he was assaulted at a school pep rally, $12 million for a young man with a knee, shoulder, and mild traumatic brain injury in a premises liability case, $7 million in a negligent security case for a woman who lost most of the sight in her left eye as a result of an assault at a nightclub, $45 million for a 6 year old girl who suffered a brain injury and facial paralysis in a collision, $9 million against a school district for failing to supervise resulting in a 7 year old boy suffering a moderate traumatic brain injury, $10 million for a boy who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury when he was hit on his bicycle, $10 million for a man whose brain was injured in a collision, $14 million for a young girl who was brain injured by medical negligence, $11.5 million for a family that lives in Mexico for the death of their patriarch who died in a grain bin, $14 million for two adult daughters and the wife of a hispanic man who was an immigrant farm worker who was killed in a collision, $22 million dollars for a family who suffered bad burns during a fire in their mobile home, $25 million for a man who was injured in a collision, $21 million for man with bad burns as a result of a vehicle crashing into a restaurant, $12 million for a child with a brain injury because of medical negligence, $16 million for a young man who suffered a brain injury as a result of a collision, $20 million for two families whose loved one died as a result of a defective and dangerous bath tub, $11 million for a man who lost his arm in a helicopter accident, and $28.5 million for a man who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle collision. The list goes on and on. 

Nick is doing philanthropic work in Costa Rica and Kenya, Africa, including building education centers and schools, and putting in water wells in communities where people have to walk hours to get a gallon of water. 

Nick is on the Board of Directors of the Imagination Workshop, which is a non-profit theater arts organization committed to using the unique power of the theater to provide life-changing artistic opportunities to the mentally ill, homeless veterans, senior citizens, and at-risk young people. Nick is also on the Honorary Board of Governors of TLC, Trial Lawyers’ Charities, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to make a positive difference in the quality of life for people within the greater Los Angeles area, focusing on issues related to education, children, battered women, persons with disabilities, and homelessness, by providing financial assistance to needy persons and groups in the greater Los Angeles area.

Nick prides himself on his caring, empathetic approach to working with the injured and their families. He believes in going the distance for each and every client, and is not afraid to put any case in front of a jury. He makes insurance companies pay up when deserving injury victims come forward to seek justice. 

Nick has authored and co authored multiple books that are dedicated to preserving the last thing we have in America where a single person can stand against the elite, which is the American Jury Trial. Trial By Human is a advanced trial skills program Nick and his wife Courtney founded 10 years ago. The goal of the program is to help lawyers and paralegals learn how to better represent people. 

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"Very dependable and definitely worked in my favor. Kept me the loop with everything going on. Big shout to Andrienne McKay she is the best. Will definitely refer to a family or friend."
- Trey B.

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