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Have you suffered a serious injury while on the job? You’re not alone. Last year, some 2.8 million workers experienced nonfatal injuries in the private industry sector across the country. If you were one of them, you understand the frustrations of getting hurt at work.

Making a difficult situation even more challenging, some injured workers have found that the workers’ compensation insurer has denied the initial claim. Faced with such a decision, many feel that they have little choice but to return to work and face further harm. Other workers discover that their employers are unwilling to accommodate doctor-mandated restrictions though they have sustained a work-related injury.

For these reasons, many injured Americans choose to team up with personal injury lawyers who have experience in workers’ compensation cases. Working with a workers’ compensation attorney, though, can shift the odds in your favor and provide the legal aid you need to file a claim successfully.

Do you need help with a workers’ compensation claim? Choose a lawyer who is deeply invested in helping you get what you deserve. Joseph Wilson is the experienced trial lawyer in Atlanta, GA, you need.

Joseph Wilson and his team are passionate about helping every client. No claim is too small to demand competent representation with your best interests at heart. Would you like to learn how Joseph Wilson’s team can help you? Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page or call 844-563-9467.

How Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law Helps Injured Workers

Workers’ compensation is designed to protect workers like you. It’s an insurance program paid into by your employer. The purpose of this fund is to provide workers who have suffered personal injury on the job with medical, rehabilitation, and income benefits. These benefits also transfer to one’s dependents if someone dies as a result of a workplace injury or condition.

Workers’ comp also provides vocational training in the event that you’re unable to return to your former employment. This has given many Atlanta, Georgia, workers a new lease on life, allowing them to transition to more suitable employment post-injury.

If you can no longer work as many hours as you used to, workers’ comp in Georgia can help with coverage called “temporary partial disability.” This means that if you can only work part-time or if your wages are reduced due to a workplace injury, workers’ comp benefits can help cover the difference.

What if an individual bears some responsibility for his or her workplace accident? The State of Georgia applies a no-fault rule, meaning that even if individuals contributed to the events that caused them to get hurt on the job, they could still receive workers’ comp benefits.

Does your employer pay into workers’ compensation insurance? If the business has three or more employees, state law requires that your employer has workers’ compensation insurance. This is good news if you’ve been injured on the job.

While your employer may have insurance that can provide medical, rehabilitation, and income benefits, it does not guarantee that you’ll get the compensation you and your family sorely need. Some Atlanta, Georgia, workers file a claim for compensation only to later find that it has been rejected.

How can you protect your interests and successfully file a workers’ compensation claim? Many have found that working with Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys greatly improves their chances of receiving fair compensation.

Joseph Wilson’s clients will tell you that he is an experienced trial lawyer who really cares about victims of personal injuries. Having fought for many of your neighbors, he has built a reputation as a respected Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer.

Being a tenacious work comp lawyer known for helping injured workers, Joseph Wilson leads a team that uses proven effective strategies tailored to the needs of their clients with goals of easing financial stresses and maximizing recovery. Find out how his law firm can help you by contacting the Trial Lawyers For Justice-Georgia team today.

Barriers Standing Between You and Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ comp provides important protection in the event of a workplace injury or health condition. However, getting access to all of your rights under Atlanta workers’ compensation law can be a challenge.

When your workers’ compensation claim is rejected, you may find yourself in a vulnerable position. You may feel forced to return to work – perhaps before you and your body are ready – to relieve financial stressors. After all, medical care without insurance is expensive here.

Are mounting medical bills and lost wages forcing you back to work sooner than your doctor has advised? Or perhaps your doctor has given you a list of restrictions and advised your employer that duties must be modified. If so, is your employer respecting your restrictions, or are you being forced to go against what your doctor has advised?

After suffering workplace injuries, many are surprised at how difficult it can be to receive adequate compensation from insurance companies. Unlike typical personal injury claims, workers’ compensation claims rely less on laying blame on a wrongdoer and more on proving that you were performing work-related duties when you were injured.

Insurance companies can be tight-fisted with claimants. These are often large organizations that follow predefined algorithms designed to limit compensation or deny claims altogether. This can make it challenging for unrepresented workers to successfully file a claim after getting hurt at work.

The last thing an insurance carrier wants is for you to get legal advice from a local workers’ compensation lawyers. But you can fight back by equipping yourself with knowledge about your workers’ compensation rights in the State of Georgia.

Joseph Wilson can analyze your case and tell you exactly what you need to do to overcome barriers and recover lost wages. When we take on your case, our law firm will stand by your side to represent your best interests, helping you and your family on the road to workplace injury recovery.

Acting Fast Now Will Pay Off Later

According to Georgia state law and the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, it is best practice to report your workplace injury to your employer immediately. While workers injured on the job have 1 year from the date of their accidents to file a claim, you may lose workers’ comp insurance benefits if you don’t report the accident to your employer within 30 days.

Timing is imperative for another reason. Your employer’s insurance company can’t start paying you benefits unless they know about your injury and have time to review the facts. Filing claims as soon as possible after an injury is thus the best way to get the show on the road, so to speak.

Waiting to get your money while watching medical bills pile up adds pressure to an already stressful situation. However, if uncertainties about reporting your injury and filing a claim are causing hesitation, it may cost you and your family even more time.

Make sure that you have maximized your chances of getting medical benefits by reporting your workplace accident as soon as possible. Are you unsure about the best course to take? Why not work with a law firm that has successfully fought for the rights of injured employees across the State of Georgia?

When we take on your case, Trial Lawyers For Justice-Georgia will work to ensure that your employer’s insurance company pays you the benefits you deserve. If you’ve been hurt at work and need compensation for medical treatment and lost income due to a workplace accident, please don’t delay. Contact us today by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Your Workers’ Comp Insurance Claim Has Been Rejected – What Next?

All too often, injured workers make the critical mistake of filing their workers’ compensation claims before fully understanding their rights under Georgia Workers’ Compensation law. Going it alone is tempting. After all, workers’ compensation is there to help workers who have been hurt on the job, right?

Unfortunately, getting hit with a rejected claim can be a frustrating and costly experience. That’s why, if you or a family member has suffered a workplace accident, you should seek legal advice from a law firm with experience in the Atlanta, Georgia, workers’ compensation area of law. Lawyers experienced with workers’ comp claims can help you maximize your benefits and get wage reimbursements for time lost due to injury.

The team at Joseph Wilson Injury lawyers takes pride in helping clients by utilizing a tailor-made strategy to best deal with negative workers’ comp decisions in order to secure the benefits you need. Hailing from Georgia himself, our primary attorney Joseph Wilson understands how insurance companies work and the underhanded tactics that some of these outfits use to avoid paying benefits, even when people deserve them.

Did the negligence of a third party contribute to your workplace accident? Perhaps it was the manufacturer of a piece of equipment or machine you were using. If your lawyer can prove that a third party was negligent or reckless, you may be able to recover even more benefits. Your case will be strengthened further if your employer joins you in the legal action; he or she may also be eligible for financial reimbursement.

When you consult with us, Trial Lawyers For Justice-Georgia will take the time to understand what happened and why. If you hire us, our team will work to create a strong case that proves your injury was work-related. By taking careful inventory of medical bills, lost income due to time away from the job, and future recovery prospects, Joseph Wilson’s law firm can make sure that you get the coverage you require for both your family’s present and future needs.

Why You Should Work with Trial Lawyers For Justice-Georgia

Workplace injuries can cause an incredible amount of frustration and uncertainty. Added to these anxieties is the task of navigating the complex rules of workers’ comp law.

Joseph Wilson is an attorney who cares. Born and bred in Atlanta, he cares about his neighbors and fights to defend their rights.

As an experienced trial lawyer, Joseph Wilson is not intimidated by large insurance companies or their big-money legal teams. Rather, he works with his legal team to develop comprehensive strategies that get real results and help people recover from their personal injuries.

If you have been injured on the job, Joseph Wilson is the attorney you need. Don’t delay. Find out how our law firm can help you by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page today. You can also reach us at 844-563-9467.

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